Frequently Asked Questions

where do i find valid test credit card numbers?

If you have the processing mode configured to “Test”, you cannot process real credit cards. This is done to ensure that you do not charge cards by accident. We have prepared a list of credit card numbers for you that you can use to test transactions.

You can find the list of test credit cards here.

How can I Pay Multiple invoices with a card at once?

Customers often have multiple outstanding invoices and want to pay them with credit card at once. This is easy to achieve with NAV-X Credit Card. You can navigate to the Customer Ledger Entries for the particular customer and then select the action “Charge Card – multiple Invoices”. This will open a page allowing you to select all invoices you want to pay and then select the one or more credit cards to pay.

How do I settle a batch?

With NAV-X Credit Card it is not necessary to manually close or settle a batch. You can define a time on the gateway to automatically close batches. In fact, batches are completely processed in the background on the gateway and are not required to be dealt with in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Does NAV-X Credit Card Work With Lanham E-SHIP?

Yes. NAV-X Credit Card works with Lanham Associate’s E-Ship product, although a small modification has to be made to the release codeunit to prevent credit card processing to be executed too often when E-Ship is adding freight charges to an order. Contact us for details, we can provide you with guidance on the few lines of code that have to be added.

How can I turn off notifications about successfully authorized cards?

When you authorize a credit card, you receive a message saying that the authorization was successful. While it is important to know, if an authorization was successful or not, it also requires an additional click to accept the message. You might want to only see errors in case the authorization did not work and otherwise don’t receive any message. This notification as well as others can be turned off on a user by user basis. Please go here to read more.

My customers do not want to provide us with their credit card information

Customers sometimes are hesitant to provide credit card information over the phone or via email. Your customers still can pay your invoices via credit card. You can send a customer an invitation to sign up to the EBizCharge Connect Portal and customers can securely enter their credit cards there or even pay invoices with the portal.

You can also define the EBizCharge Connect Payment Service on the customer as the default payment service. This will then print a link on all invoices and your customers can follow that link to pay an invoice. For this to work properly, it is suggested to send invoices via email (rendered as PDF) to your customers so that they can click the link.

Why are the credit cards not authorized when I release an order for a warehouse enabled location?

Warehouse management requires additional processing before an order can be shipped. While the order is ready to be shipped after the release for normal orders, it is not ready to be shipped until a warehouse shipment is created and released – at that point, you can pick the order and ship it.

Therefore, credit card authorizations happen automatically at the time of releasing the warehouse shipment, if the system is configured for automatic authorization. 

I am receiving an error message when entering new credit cards

There are different reasons, why a credit card could not be saved. One of the reasons could be that the credit card is not a valid credit card. At that point, you should be seeing a message detailing what is wrong with the credit card (e.g. card is stolen or has an invalid length).

One reason can be that you have an incorrect setup. This would mainly happen, if you recently upgraded to the latest version of NAV-X Credit Card. It could be that the “type” is not filled out, because it cannot be determined. Please validate that the “Credit Card Types” have all a value in the field “Internal Code”. If not, you can delete all values in the table and select the “Insert Standard Values” action from the “Credit Card Type List” page.

I am on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and cannot install the extension

Most of our products are released as apps starting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, which dramatically increases upgradeability  and also makes the entire installation and setup easier. However, there are a few steps involved to successfully install an app. you can find those here in our blog article.