Setting up Encryption

Certain sensitive information, such as the credit card token as well as expiration date and transaction information are stored in a way that they can be encrypted in the database. This is important to maintain PCI compliance. Since data encryption can only be enabled for the system and not for only NAV-X Credit Card, the setup does not automatically enable encryption.

To enable encryption, please type “Data Encryption Management” in the search box and open the page. The following page will be shown and allow you to enable encryption.

To enable encryption, please select the action “Enable Encryption” in the ribbon. You will see a confirmation message asking, if you want to generate an encryption key. If you choose yes, the key will be generated and already existing data will be encrypted. 

It is important to export the generated encryption key and store it in a save place. If you lose the encryption key, you will not be able to access your data anymore, in case you have to re-install your environment in the future.